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Our Mission at St. Matthew's is to "Know and Share God's Love" and we mean it in everything we do. Outreach and helping those in our community are fundamental to who we are.  So many folks have come to St. Matthew's because they have heard about us and the good work we do in the community and are excited to be a part of a church that is really transforming the community around it for the better.  We are known in Sterling as the place to call if you need help.  When you walk into St. Matthew's folks are excited about who we are, what we do, and genuinely enjoy being together.  

We see that we have a common mission to help those around us - it is transformational for the community as well as for the hearts of those who participate.  From packing over 270 backpacks for hungry children each week, to helping to sponsor the LINK pantry with food and manpower, to providing Holiday support to families who can't afford celebrations, St. Matthew's is an integral part of helping the poor in Sterling. 

Opportunities to Help Others

Opportunities to Help Youth

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