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Technology Committee

The Technology Committee serves the vision and mission of Saint Matthew’s with the specific goal of managing the online ministry of St. Matthew’s and leveraging technology within the church to further enhance the worship experience, especially as the attendance of our regular services and special events continues to grow.


In 2015, Webster Anderson, Trevor Black, Steve Buck, Elizabeth Carr, Pete Hart, Jim Helein, David Lathrop, Erin & Tom Leary, Matthew Pepper, Joe Sharp, Mason Turner, and Brynn Walker.  Numerous others have lent their voices to administering the church Facebook page and other social accounts.

Major Activities, Events, and Accomplishments in 2015

  • Upgraded the video system in the sanctuary, replacing the failing projector and installing two new HD screens above the altar (and one at the back of the sanctuary) to display prayers, music, and videos.
  • Upgraded the video cameras for live streaming, installing two HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras at the back of the sanctuary along with a Newtek Tricaster video production system for streaming services live.
  • Provided website maintenance and web research to support vestry decisions; in 2015, there were over 11,150 visitors to with over 46,800 page views (up from 24K in 2014).
  • Continued to support the church Facebook page; in 2015, we saw the total number of “Likes” for the page increase to 656 (+124 from 2014) with a total reach for all 2015 messages just over 288,800 (+ 91,800 from 2014).
  • Continued to support the video ministry, which includes streaming one service each Sunday live, and posting weekly sermons and select services to our YouTube channel; in 2015, our live broadcasts were watched 786 times (average of 13.5 viewers per service), there were 20,208 views to our videos (+1,022 from 2014) representing an estimated 98,103 minutes watched (-2,899 from 2014), with 162 total subscribers.
  • Supported Backpack Buddies end-of-year outreach effort, helping to tailor the Vanco commerce website and creating imagery for sharing on Facebook.
  • Continued to support the St. Matthew’s page on in 2015, there were 226 user views and 64 "customer" leads.
  • Provided audio and video support for the clergy, music ministry, and special events. Special events included the annual meeting, annual picnic, Palm Sunday, Easter, and Christmas services (including the children’s pageant).

Goals and Objectives for 2016

  • Finish video upgrade project, adding a screen in the Parish Hall and wiring for overflow services.
  • Expand video ministry – streaming both 9:30am and 11:00am services, with consistent outreach before and after services on social media.
  • Research and possibly replace software used to project slides during services.
  • Ensure ACS database information remains accurate and up-to-date.
  • Update look/feel of our Vanco online donation site.
  • Identify additional individuals who can help support the technology needs of the church.

Join Us!

If you are interested in serving on the Technology Committee, please reach out to Matt Harmon at  We could really use your help!