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Building and Grounds

The Junior Warden – responsible for building and grounds – serves the vision and mission of Saint Matthew’s by overseeing the maintenance, routine operation, and improvement of all church buildings and property (managing utilities, trash collection, cleaning, lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.).

The past year’s efforts were focused around two major themes: improvements to the overall grounds and buildings and supporting key ministry areas. As the St. Matthew’s ministry grows and evolves to better support our knowing and sharing God’s love in our daily lives, the need for more robust and agile facilities and grounds also grows.

Our key improvements helped maintain the integrity of the church buildings and grounds. We repaired leaks in the Parish Hall, replaced the hot water system, repaired the altar railing, removed dead and dangerous trees and improved the overall appearance of the grounds and building (thanks to Heidi, Pete and Dave repainting the rear outside sanctuary wall).

Our efforts to support key ministry areas included the installation of sconces in the Parish Hall and improvements to the Kitchen area to help several committees’ efforts to better use the Parish Hall and kitchen. We helped install the wiring and large screen tv’s (special thanks to Dave and Pete) to support the Technology Committee’ efforts to improve our weekly worship experience. A new church sign was installed to better advertise our monthly events and present a better face to the community.

Major Activities, Events, and Accomplishments in 2015

Two Parish Work days were well-attended and very productive. In the spring, in addition to completing many cleanup tasks from the previous winter and placing new mulch around all the beds and trees, the St. Matthew’s community vegetable garden was improved, under
Heidi’s supervision. In the winter, we focused on key tasks to prepare the church for winter and built the manger to support our Live Nativity.

Merry Breed spearheaded the re-establishment of a Monarch butterfly way-station, on one side of the drainage swale in the front lawn, using milkweed (on which the mother lays her eggs, and the larvae feed,) as well as various nectar-flowers (to feed the adults.) Our
previous year’s plants had to be destroyed when chemicals leached into the plants and flowers. This year’s efforts were very productive as Merry and Rob found several examples of successful efforts. The continued expansion of the way-station will be a source of beauty and diversion for all to enjoy.

Wilma Sargent organized and led a Kitchen Committee to help establish consistent kitchen use and practices within the Parish. As our outreach efforts expand, there is a greater need to have a kitchen that can support those efforts and comply with all the required health and county directives and regulations. Wilma’s team has installed new work tables, equipment and solutions to help us ensure we always serve others with safe and healthy meals.


  • General cleaning and minor maintenance was taken care of by Pastor Mario, our sexton.
  • Mowing and some landscaping was accomplished as part of Pastor Mario’s sexton role.
  • The tile floor in the Parish Hall was refinished by another associate of Pastor Mario’s.
  • The Heating and Air Conditioning Units were serviced by Dobson.
  • Our Plumbing installation and repairs were accomplished by Wacker Plumbing, to include the installation of a commercial hot water heater.

Building and Grounds

  • Installed the large screen TVs in the Sanctuary.
  • Installed large and small sconces in the Parish Hall and Hallway.
  • Repainted the Church sanctuary exterior wall.
  • Landscaped around the trailer.
  • Removed dead trees around the parking area.
  • Repaired the front altar spindles.
  • Procured and installed a new sign in the front of the church property.
  • As possible, maintained the Parish hall and trailer; kept them neat and free of clutter.
  • Maintained the upkeep of tile floors, carpeting and chairs.

Goals and Objectives for 2016

  • Continue good relations and improve contacts with the Hispanic Congregation.
  • Improve recycling and keep the shed clean (a never-ending task).
  • Repair lighting problems in the Sanctuary and Narthex.
  • Install gutters on the trailer.
  • Install a new door on the shed.
  • Continue to keep our church/trailer/Argonne house in clean, safe, working order, making improvements and upgrades as needed.

Join Us!

If you are interested in helping out with Building and Grounds, please reach out to Steve Buck.  We could really use your help!