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Online Giving

Why Give to St. Matthew’s?

Since 1985, we have had the opportunity to reach out in God’s love to each other and to the larger community.  For many of us, St. Matthew’s is like a family home.  We gather here on ordinary Sunday mornings… but also at times of great joy and sorrow.  Like a family, we have the blessed experience of sharing each other’s lives.  We help our children learn of God’s goodness; we enrich our own relationship with God through the many ministries that we conduct and receive; we worship God together through all the seasons of the Church year.

Gifts that St. Matthew’s receives – both monetary and in-kind – go directly to funding our various ministries.  As such, your gift plays an incredibly important part in what the Church can and cannot do for both our congregation and community at large. 

It is important to emphasize that, while large gifts provide a needed financial boost to St. Matthew’s, no gift is insignificant.  Small gifts are welcome.

Opportunities for Giving

A number of giving options can benefit both you and St. Matthew’s.

Annual Pledges, Tithes and Offerings

St. Matthew’s can receive tithes and offerings either in person during services or through automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account.  We also encourage you to make an annual pledge for your tithing and offering – which allows us to better budget for our missions and ministries. To make a pledge, please go to

Retail Cards (Scrip) Purchase Program

Where do you need to shop this week? Target, Giant, Safeway? What if you can help the church by simply shopping where you normally shop? Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for our church when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. Please consider participating in the scrip program.


Backpack Buddies - Because Hunger Doesn't End on Friday

 Read more here.

Shopping at

Did you know that by using a special link when you go to, St. Matthew's automatically receives a portion of the proceeds of whatever you buy?  Did you also know that this doesn't impact how much YOU pay at all?  We also have absolutely no idea as to who bought what, so you don't have to worry about that either... your birthday presents for Fr. Rob will still be a surprise!  The link works the same as if we had a banner advertisement running on our site - we just don't want to put advertising on the site.  So, please feel free to bookmark the following link and use it any time you shop on!

Outright Gifts

Outright gifts of money, stock or other securities (real estate or other assets) may be made at any time during your life.  Gifts may be In Memoriam – given to honor the memory of a loved one or friend – or a Living Endowment – a gift of affection, recognition, or thanksgiving, and to mark happy occasions such as births, baptisms, confirmations, and anniversaries.  Once established, donors may add to both Memorial and Living Endowments at any time.


Wills can protect your assets from estate taxes and allow you to create a permanent legacy to St. Matthew’s in your name or that of a loved one.  You may specify a gift of either a sum certain or a percentage of your estate.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts provide income for a lifetime to the donor or other beneficiary and a gift to the Endowment when the trust ends.

Life Insurance Policies

Life Insurance Policies, either new or existing, may designate St. Matthew’s the owner and beneficiary.