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Retail Cards (Scrip) Purchase Program

Major Retailers Want To Give Money to help St. Matthew’s Missions!

Where do you need to shop this week?  Target, Giant, Safeway?   What if you can help the church by simply shopping where you normally shop?   Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for our church when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. Please consider participating in the Scrip program.

How does the Retail Card “Scrip" Program work?

There is a complete list of over 400 participants on .  For every gift card purchased, St Matthew's earns a percentage of the face value.  It costs you no additional money but it is simple fundraising for the church.  For instance, when you purchase a $100 gift card to Safeway, you will receive $100 value on the card.  St. Matthew’s will make $4 or 4% on this purchase.  

How do I get Scrip?

  • Order online through (preferred method)
    • Set up an account with your email and a password.  You will need to enter the enrollment code:  E2E7BCL3166L7
    • There is no cost to use this website.  The site does not collect your money, unless you choose to set up a PrestoPay account. 
    • You can place your order online and then pay Saint Matthew’s with a check when you place your order.
  • Get a paper order form from Susan Jones, Kathleen Buckingham,or Maria Palmer..  The forms are also available in the kiosk in the Narthex.  Give the paper form to Susan, Kathleen, or Maria on the Second Sunday.
  • Scrip NOW allows you to purchase the eCard (gift card) online and print out the certificate on your home computer.  You can use it just like a physical gift card:   in stores, online, or you can send it as a gift to anyone with an email address.  When you pay with PrestoPay it will process automatically in minutes. 

How do I pay for Scrip orders?

  • Make payment with a check made payable to Saint Matthew’s and write SCRIP in the memo section and give the check to Susan, Kathleen, Maria, Brynn, or put it in the offering plate when you place your order. OR
  • Enroll online with PrestoPay and funds will be automatically transferred from your bank account to Great Lakes Scrip Center and credited to Saint Matthew’s.  Contact Susan Jones to sign up for PrestoPay.

Once you set up your account, you will find this is a simple way to help Saint Matthew’s while taking care of typical household purchases.

Susan Jones can answer your questions about Scrip,, 571-205-6999.