Family Advent Devotional

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November 29th
A is for Angel.png

On the first Christmas night angels sang of Jesus' birth. God's angels continue to watch over and protect us.

Challenge: Take time to thank God for your guardian angel.

November 30th

Christmas is the celebration of Baby Jesus' birthday. Jesus helped many people and shared God's love


Challenge: Do something kind and helpful for someone else today.

December 1st

Jesus grew up and died on the cross for our freedom. His gift of life set us free.

Challenge: Say a prayer to thank Jesus for his gift of life.

December 2nd

Jesus opened wide the door to heaven so we could be there with him.

Challenge: Decorate your front door to spread Christmas joy.

December 3rd

God is everywhere and his love reaches to everyone. 

Challenge: Sing a Christmas Carol to a friend or neighbor to spread Christmas joy.

December 4th

The joy that the birth of Jesus brings to all of us is something we should share with others. 

Challenge: Tell a Christmas joke to your friends and family.

December 5th

God gave us Jesus as a gift of love. 'God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son' (John 3:16)

Challenge: Tell your family a gift you would like to receive AND one you would like to give.

December 6th

A great way to show God we love him is to help others

Challenge: Secretly help someone today, then share with your family at the end of the day to celebrate.

December 7th

Jesus' good life inspires us to be caring and faithful.

Challenge: Tell your family about someone you look up to and why they inspire you.

December 8th

Jesus is the reason for the season! Jesus tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Challenge: Find a unique way to show love to your neighbor today.

December 9th

The Kings visited Jesus because they knew he was holy and kind.

Challenge: Can you answer this? What did the Kings (Wise Men) do when they met Jesus & what did they give him? 
(You'll find the answers in Matthew 2:11)

December 10th

Jesus said "I am the Light of the World" John 8:12

Challenge: Have a candle-lit dinner to remember that Jesus is the light of the world.

December 11th

Jesus was born and placed in a manger. A manger usually holds food for animals, but at Christmas it held the savior of the world

Challenge: Find some sticks and build your own manger.

December 12th

Noel is another word for Christmas, it means new birth. 'The First Noel' is a carol about the first Christmas.

Challenge: Try something new today!

December 13th

The Wise Men gave their treasures to Jesus. What is a treasure you can share? 

Challenge: Use your time and talents to bring joy to someone else. 

December 14th

God gave Jesus to us so we could one day be present with him in heaven.

Challenge: Be PRESENT with God by spending some time in prayer today.

December 15th

In quiet times we can find peace.

Challenge: Sing the song Silent Night to a friend or family member.

December 16th

Jesus reached out to people of all kinds during his time on earth. The poor, the lonely, the sick...

Challenge: Reach out to a friend or family member you haven't seen in awhile to wish them a Merry Christmas.

December 17th

A star in the sky led the Wise Men to Jesus.

Challenge: Go outside tonight and look up at the beautiful stars.

December 18th

Mary and Joseph trusted God and welcomed Jesus. You can trust him too.

Challenge: Make time to watch a Christmas movie with someone you know and trust.

December 19th

Christmas celebrations change every year, but God's love continues to remain the same.

Challenge: Go out and look at Christmas lights and take God for his unchanging love.

December 20th

When Jesus was born he had lots of visitors. Christmas is a good time to visit with those we love (even if we can only visit on Zoom or the phone)

Challenge: Visit or call someone you know and wish them a happy Christmas.

December 21st

The Wise Men came to worship Jesus. They bowed down and adored him.

Challenge: Make time to worship Jesus. If you're not sure how, then find and sing 'O Come let us adore him'

December 22nd

Knowing Jesus makes Christmas X-TRA SPECIAL! He brings extra hope and joy to every heart.

Challenge: Say an X-TRA SPECIAL prayer for people who are finding Christmas hard this year.

December 23rd
A is for Angel (1).png

"For unto us a child is born and his hame shall be called wonderful" Isaiah 9:6

Challenge: Join us for our Children's Christmas Pageant at 3PM tomorrow!

December 24th

After all that celebrating, it's time to rest and be thankful for Jesus and God's love for you!


Please join us for one of our Christmas Services - ALL are welcome!