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Saint Matthew's is pleased to offer a four-part workshop specifically for our teenagers and their parents. We've partnered with Insight Into Action Therapy, and their providers will be leading three simultaneous workshops for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and parents of teens. These sessions are offered at no cost to the participants. Child care will also be provided for those parents who have a younger child, in addition to a teen.


RSVP preferred to allow us to communicate with the therapists on headcount.

The themes and discussion points are designed to build on one another.  Families are encouraged to attend all four sessions. Beyond facilitating the discussion our objectives are to provide education and context on each topic.  We hope that the experience will leave each attendee with mindfulness and general CBT techniques to utilize as practical tools.

Sunday, Sept. 18th, 4pm-5pm


Teens: Anxiety, what is it and how to manage emotions?

Parents: Parenting in the midst of fears…the emotion vs. reality.

Sunday, Oct. 16th, 4pm-5pm


Teens: How to develop healthy coping strategies? How to ask for help with unhealthy coping mechanisms.


Parents: Identifying and helping kids use healthy coping mechanisms.

Sunday, Oct. 2nd, 4pm-5pm


Teens: Socialization from isolation: Navigating family, friends, and interpersonal connections with inspiration, spirituality, and leadership for healthy relationship


Parents: I have the answers. When and how do I help?

Sunday, Oct. 30th, 4pm-5pm


Teens: Preparing for a successful year



Parents: Flown & Grown: Preparing to Launch



Matthew Christian, LCSW

Matt Christian is a therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with ten years of experience working in the behavioral health field. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from George Mason University and his Master of Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Matthew has specific expereince with teens, including those on the autism spectrum, and recently authored an article on The Impact of COVID on Teens Mental Health. 


Kate Lutz,

Katherine Lutz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisee. Katherine graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and earned her Master of Social work from Virginia
Commonwealth University.

Katherine spent her initial years in the field specializing in working with children and adolescents, engaging children as young as four to develop skills in communication, expression,
problem-solving, and emotional regulation.


Craig James, LCSW, LSATP, MAC

Craig James is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner and Master Addiction Counselor working in outpatient private practice where he provides individual and group therapy to individuals, families, and couples. Craig is also the co-founder of Insight into Action Therapy.

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