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Lunch and Learn Sterling VA Classes

Lunch & Learn

Free Classes for High School Graduates & College-Age Students

Tuesdays at noon
June 4th - August 13th
Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Are you a recent high school graduate or college student eager to gain valuable skills? This series of free classes is designed to equip you with essential tools for personal and professional growth. Bring along a bag lunch, something for taking notes, and be prepared to engage and learn!

Note: Weekly topics are subject to change, registrants will be notified if sessions are updated.


Adult Students

Strength Finder Journey

Tuesday, June 4th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Your strengths journey begins with the StandOut Assessment, where you can learn which of the nine StandOut Roles you lead with. We'll discuss which of your Roles gives you your greatest personal edge at work and in life.

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Building Soft Skills

Tuesday, June 11th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Soft skills are crucial in the workplace as they determine how well you interact with others, collaborate, communicate, solve problems, and adapt to change. Employers prioritize soft skills like teamwork, problem-solving, communication, adaptability, critical thinking, time management, and interpersonal abilities, as these qualities enhance productivity, foster positive relationships, and ensure successful outcomes. Developing these skills and demonstrating them in interviews can significantly impact career success.

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Navigating Difficult Conversations

Tuesday, June 18th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Difficult conversations are inevitable, but we can navigate them effectively by learning to listen and communicate mindfully. This class will equip you with strategies to handle challenging discussions with empathy and clarity, fostering better understanding and resolution.

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Social Media Basics & Personal Content Awareness

Tuesday, June 25th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing and the importance of personal content awareness in this introductory class. We'll cover basic strategies for creating effective social media campaigns and how to build a strong online presence. Additionally, we'll explore how hiring managers use social media to evaluate potential candidates, ensuring your profiles reflect your professional brand.

Online Shopping

Good Financial Habits 101

Tuesday, July 2nd at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Good Financial Habits 101 equips young adults with essential information and practical skills for financial literacy as they transition into adulthood. This class covers useful real-world topics, helping students develop lifelong habits for managing their finances effectively.

Job Interview

Working with Neurodiversity

Tuesday, July 9th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Learn about neurodiversity, strategies for studying if you are neurodiverse, and how to better communicate with those who are neurodiverse.

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Narcan Training

Tuesday, July 16th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

REVIVE! Narcan Training offers essential education on recognizing and responding to opioid overdose emergencies using naloxone. In this 1-1.5 hour session, learn about opioids, overdose risk factors, and effective emergency response techniques to save lives. This training is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education (OONE) program. *Everyone is welcome to attend, but those that RSVP by July 9 will receive a dose of Naloxone after training.*


Marketing to the Skeptic

Tuesday, July 23rd at noon

This session will be held on Zoom

Marketing to the Skeptic teaches you how to craft and execute invitations that resonate with even the most hesitant audience. Learn effective strategies to understand and address the mindset of your invitees, ensuring your invitations are compelling and successful. This session will be held on Zoom, a link will be emailed to you a few days before the session.

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Email Marketing 101

Tuesday, July 30th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

Email Marketing for Beginners introduces you to the essentials of sending targeted messages to engage, inform, and convert subscribers. This class will equip you with the basics to understand email marketing and strategy.

strategies for good mental health

Strategies for Good Mental Health

Tuesday, August 6th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

This class provides high school and college students with essential strategies for maintaining good mental health. Learn practical techniques for managing stress, building resilience, and fostering a positive mindset to support your overall well-being.

Clean Up

Resume Writing Tips

Tuesday, August 13th at noon

St. Matthew's Parish Hall | Classroom 4

This class provides recent high school graduate and college-age students with essential resume writing and interview tips for entering the workforce. Learn how to craft a compelling resume and master interview techniques to make a strong impression on potential employers.

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