Mission Trips

From nations reeling from a devastating tragedy like Haiti to poverty-stricken communities within the borders of our own country, the mission trips St. Matthew’s organizes are designed to make life-changing impacts both on those we serve and ourselves. No two mission trips are alike, but each is purposed in providing meaningful support to those in need.

Ask anyone who has ever gone on a mission trip, and they will confirm that mission trips are life-changing. It is our hope at Saint Matthew’s that everyone will have the opportunity to participate in a mission trip.

Past Mission Trips

Mission work in the United States and around the world is a vital part of our mission here at St. Matthew's. Here is a sample of some of our past trip locations:




Puerto Rico

Virginia Beach, VA

New York, NY




Houston, TX



Pittsburgh, PA




Philadelphia, PA


Help Lead at St. Matthew's

If you would like to join the Mission Trip leadership team at St. Matthew's, please contact the church office at Office@stmtts.org.  We'd love to have you!