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Children's Christmas Pageant

Nana is hosting Christmas this year, and all of her grandchildren are just too excited to sleep! Instead of scolding them, Nana decides to tell them the greatest story ever told. With musical recordings from St. Matt's 9:30 Band, singing, dancing, and some hilarious jokes as only kids can tell. It will be a pageant to remember.

AGE: Kids ages 3 through Middle School

COST: Free to participate


  • Sun., 11/13 - Auditions for Speaking Roles 10:30 AM* 

    • Audition lines do not have to be memorized. Download a copy to practice HERE

  • Sun. 11/20 - Cast List Posted




  • Sun. 11/27, 12/4 & 12/11- Classrooms 1&2: 9:30 - 10:45 AM 

    • Rehearsals will take place during the 9:30 service. Communion will be offered to the children at the end of rehearsal.

  • Sun. 12/18 - Pageant run through - Sanctuary - 12:30 PM

  • Fri.12/23 - Dress Rehearsal - Parish Hall - 6 PM




Christmas Eve Pageant Service - Parish Hall

Saturday, December 24th at 3 PM

*Auditions are not required for non-speaking parts. There is a part for every child!

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