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VBS is a priceless treasure, just like you!

As I sat at home with my 3 girls watching VBS last summer, the whole unusual experience of 2020 really hit me. However, that Sunday during online worship, watching the recap of the week, and seeing the photos from Rocky Railway, I couldn’t help but smile, laugh and cry. VBS had been different, but wow was it still the best week of the summer! As I wiped away those tears of joy from 2020 VBS, the preview for 2021 “Treasured VBS” began with the theme song and the lyrics really touched me:

“I am a priceless treasure. God knows me.

God hears me. God is my comfort.

I am His and there’s nothing better. Forgiven and chosen forever, I am a treasure!”

Even though I had created that video to surprise and entice our viewers, I myself felt stirred. I couldn’t wait to see what 2021 VBS (and life) would be like.

Well -- the time has come! The week of July 19-23, Treasured VBS will take us on a trek through the tropical Amazon jungle, to discover that God is the greatest treasure, and God treasures us.

In planning and prep, my dining table resembles that of a globe-trotting archaeological raider -- covered with treasure maps, jeweled Bible memory buddies, and paper golden coins. One day my daughter crept in, as if preparing to plunder some loot …. but instead, she asked warily, “Is VBS going to be online again this year?” I answered, “No, we’re going back inside the church with all our friends!” Her face lit up as if I’d handed her some real gold coins! That’s what makes VBS so special— and this year, together, the kids will learn through Bible Adventures, experimental gizmos, games, and those catchy songs, that the greatest treasure is God. That’s priceless!

If you would like to be a part of this exciting Amazon adventure, there’s plenty of room in our crew for you!

You can register your kids as participants, or yourself as a volunteer, at

I hope you’ll join us!


Adrian Mattina

Children’s Minister

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