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Christmas Pine Tree


What better time of year than Christmas for us to Know and Share God's Love with others in our community? Our annual Giving Tree will be up beginning Sunday, November 19th. 

This year, St. Matthew's is supporting family gift requests from 7 Sterling area schools, local families, and single item requests from Sterling Middle School and Women Giving Back.

Family adoptions can be done at St. Matthew's on Sundays by selecting an ornament (these are in the shape of a heart) from the Giving Tree and signing up for the family you selected on the sign-up sheet at the back of the church, or by emailing our Outreach Coordinator at

Single items can also be selected from the Giving Tree (these ornaments look like mittens).

Can't make it to the church to grab an ornament? Here are some items you can purchase for Women Giving Back, a Loudoun County organization supporting women and children in crisis, and Sterling Middle School (Sterling Middle School has been overwhelmed with family requests, and is working to provide a gift for each student in the school, nearly 1000 students. Parents will come to the school to select a gift for their student).

Women Giving Back Single Items

Donations should be in the $25-$30 range

  • $25-$30 Gift cards (Target, Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, Ulta)

  • Books and journals

  • Headphones

  • Makeup and nail polish

  • Jewelry

  • Sports/Outdoor toys

  • Sports jerseys

  • Skateboards (Five Below)

  • Bikes or Scooters (Five Below/Walmart)

  • Art supplies

  • Phone accessories

  • Musical instruments (ukulele, harmonica, guitar)

  • Portable speakers

  • Baseball caps

  • Champion, Adidas, Nike gear

Sterling Middle School Single Items

  • Slime or putty

  • Squishmellows

  • Drawstring backpacks

  • Headphones

  • Make-Up

  • Soccer Balls

Please drop off your unwrapped gifts and roll of gift paper on or before December 10th

  • Gifts should be unwrapped

  • Please include a roll of wrapping paper if possible

  • Label each item with the adopted family name or number and the school name (listed on the ornament you selected). For single items, please label them "Women Giving Back"or "Sterling Middle"

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