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Welcome to St. Matthew's

We know that going to church or to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking. We want to help make your first experience at St. Matthew's a great one!

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Services at 8 am, 9:30 am, and 11am Virtual and In-person

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St. Matthew's is located at 201 E. Frederick Drive in Sterling, VA. Across from Briar Patch Park.

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What to expect

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our wonderful ushers at the front doors of the church. They will welcome you, answer any questions you may have, help you find a seat, and show you and your children where our Sunday Children's Programming (affectionately called Fatih Factory) classrooms are. 


Every week at St. Matthew's you will hear a relevant, dynamic and thought-provoking message. Each of our services offers something unique. 

8 am Rite I service - Offers peaceful worship, prayer, scripture readings, a weekly sermon, and communion.

9:30 am Festival service - This is our Festival worship service with a live band. Enjoy a variety of worship and secular music. Each service typically begins with prayer, two songs, a Gospel reading, a weekly message, and communion. 

11 am Rite II service - Our most traditional service with choir. This service begins with prayer, a beautiful choir prelude, includes lessons, readings from the Old and New Testament, a Gospel reading, sermon, and communion. 



Nursery Care

Nursery care is available for children ages three and under during our 9:30 & 11 am services. 

Pre-K through 5th Grade

We have wonderful Kids programming during our 9:30 AM service called Faith Factory. Your child will experience music, prayer, a bible lesson, games, and skits. LEARN MORE 


When you arrive at St. Matthew's one of our greeters will walk you and your family to our Faith Factory classrooms or the Nursery, and introduce you to your teacher. After you check your child in, you will return to the Sanctuary for worship. Children in Faith Factory are brought to their parents for worship just before communion, and those in the Nursery remain until their parents pick them up.

6th Grade and Up

Our Youth Group offers a variety of connection opportunities. Sundays at 10:30 AM meet for Donuts & Discovery as well as monthly community service opportunities and just-for-fun meet-ups.  LEARN MORE.


Everyone is welcome to come just as they are. We encourage you to come the way that you feel most comfortable. Some of us wear jeans and t-shirts, some of us wear our Sunday best. Wherever you are, whatever you wear, you're welcome here. 


Parking is available to the back and side of St. Matthew's. Additional overflow parking is available if needed at the Loudoun County Sheriff Office across the street.


We offer Communion at (almost) every service. If you're new to the Episcopal Church or from a tradition where Communion occurs less frequently, here are some frequently asked questions.

I'm not an Episcopalian, can I take Communion?

All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome to take Communion in the Episcopal Church. If you don't want to receive Communion for any reason, you are still invited to come forward, kneel, and cross your arms over your chest. The priest will say a prayer of blessing for you. If you would like information about baptism, please contact the church office.

Can children take Communion?

If they are baptized, yes. Some parents, however, prefer to wait until their children are older. If you do not want your baptized children to receive Communion until a later age, please instruct them to cross their arms over their chest, and the priest will offer them a blessing. 

How do I take Communion?

After the congregation is invited to receive Communion ("The gifts of God for the people of God"), the ushers will dismiss the congregation, row by row, to come forward and receive Communion. When you're dismissed, please go to the altar rail, kneel (if you're able—some people stand if kneeling is difficult for them), and put your hands out to receive the bread. The bread will be placed in your hands. You then have two choices: some people eat the bread immediately, then when the chalice (cup) of wine is presented, they drink from the cup. Others will hold on to their wafer of bread, then dip it in the wine when it is presented. This is called intinction. They then immediately consume the wafer and wine. After receiving Communion, please return to your pew along the side aisles.

Do you offer Gluten-Free wafers/bread?

Yes. We currently offer Gluten-Free (GF) wafers at the altar rail. As you're kneeling, simply tell him "Gluten-free," and they will provide you with a GF wafer.

What if my mobility is impaired?

If your mobility is limited or impaired, let an usher know and we will bring Communion to you where you are seated.

Do I have to drink the wine?

No. If you do not want to drink the wine, cross your arms over your chest after receiving the bread. This lets the minister know to not offer you wine.

Coffee Hour

Between Sunday services, our Coffee Hour Team offers snacks, coffee, and tea in the Parish Hall. This is a wonderful time for fellowship, to meet members of St. Matthew's, and learn more about everything the community offers.

Let us know you're coming!

We'd love to hear from you, answer any questions and make sure you have an excellent first visit!

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