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Embracing Jesus' teachings, Episcopalians celebrate a compassionate and inclusive faith, welcoming all to experience God's liberating love. Join us in worshiping a God of unconditional acceptance and belonging.

St. Matthew's is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia within the Episcopal Church.

Episcopalians uphold a faith in a compassionate, liberating, and life-affirming God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As part of the Anglican Communion in the United States, we trace our roots to the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church, representing one of the largest Christian denominations globally.

Central to our belief is the adherence to the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose actions, crucifixion, and resurrection are seen as salvation for humanity.

Inclusivity is a cornerstone of our tradition, striving to demonstrate and proclaim God's unconditional love for all individuals. Our clergy, including bishops, priests, and deacons, encompass both women and men. Lay members and clergy collaborate as leaders at every level of our ecclesiastical structure and recognize that leadership is a divine endowment accessible to all.

We firmly affirm that God's love extends to all individuals, without exception.

Central to our beliefs are:

The Bible:

Regarded as our cornerstone, the Bible is interpreted through tradition and reason, containing the essential teachings for salvation. Scripture permeates our worship, with nearly 70% of the Book of Common Prayer directly sourced from it.

The Book of Common Prayer:

This revered text embodies the freedom granted by Christ in worship, allowing for diverse forms and practices while preserving the essence of our faith. It serves as a reservoir of spiritual guidance for individuals and congregations, symbolizing our unity as we unite in worship through common prayer.

Baptismal Covenant:

Utilized during baptisms and special occasions, this mini-catechism commences with a reaffirmation of our commitment to Christ, expanding into five questions that illuminate how we are called to live out our faith as Christians.

The Catechism:

Presented in a question-and-answer format, the catechism serves as a pedagogical tool, imparting fundamental truths of the Christian faith.

The Creeds:

These foundational statements of belief—the Apostles’ Creed for baptism and the Nicene Creed for communion—unite us with Christians across time, affirming our faith in the triune God who created, redeemed, and sanctified us.

The Sacraments:

Recognizing sacraments as tangible expressions of spiritual grace, our church acknowledges not only baptism and the Eucharist but also other significant rites such as confirmation, reconciliation, matrimony, ordination, and anointing for the sick or dying. These sacraments, detailed in the Book of Common Prayer, mark pivotal moments in our spiritual journey.

To learn more, visit: What We Believe

Proud to be a part of:
Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
The Episcopal Church
Anglican Communion
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