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Why Give to St. Matthew's?

St. Matthew’s has been a family to many since 1985. We’re committed to serving and supporting those around us regardless of their beliefs and backgrounds, and it’s our mission to love fiercely and indiscriminately. From the simple joys of a Sunday service to showing compassion and understanding during times of profound grief and loss, God calls us to look after one another through all seasons of life, not just when it’s convenient. 


Your support allows us to put this conviction into action through community service initiatives, mission trips, and the many ministries we conduct throughout the year.


Mother and newborn

Helping a Nurse and her newborn

Sheniqua called the church office this summer, a nurse by trade who fell behind on her rent when she missed work during her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the child's father left, and without the extra income, she was at risk of being evicted from her home. Because of your gifts, St. Matthew's was able to help with rent, food, and diapers, and refer her to a new mom's support group at Loudoun Hospital.


We've made giving easier than ever

automated giving


We encourage you to set up an automated giving schedule. Our online giving portal lets you easily set up a recurring gift.





Did you know that you can transfer funds from your IRA to support your church?

You may be able to make a tax-free IRA Gift to St. Matthew's. 


give online


Online giving, safe and secure. Give easily and securely online. Give a single gift, or schedule recurring giving.




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Giving appreciated assets like stocks may allow you to receive a tax deduction for the value on the stock and maximize the gift. 



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Checks can be made payable to "St. Matthew's Church" and dropped off or mailed to:

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church 201 E. Frederick Dr. Sterling, VA 20164


Estate planning


Leaving a legacy can touch the lives of countless people and create a lasting memory. If you're considering a legacy gift, contact us to learn how we can help.


Ways to Give

Stewardship & Financial Giving

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the good use of resources, and when we talk about it in Church, we refer to giving our time (acts of service and volunteering), talent (using our expertise to help share the gospel GET-INVOLVED), and treasure (our money/ financial gifts) back to God.

Why Give? There are many reasons why people donate money, time, gifts, and talents.


Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • We believe everything already belongs to God - we are merely trustees of God's creation.

  • We give out of the abundance and joy God has given us.

  • We root our hearts in Jesus Christ, remembering His ultimate sacrifice to us.

  • We are set free from dependence on materialism.

  • We increase the health of our own soul.

  • We reevaluate and recommit our spending priorities.

  • Through giving we are blessed and bless others.

  • We are doing the right thing.

  • By giving, we encourage others to give.

Why Give to Saint Matthew’s? There are many fine charities doing good work.

  • We believe and wish to participate in Saint Matthew’s vision and mission: To Live Life at its Fullest in Christ and To Know and Share God’s Love.

  • Pooling together our resources we can make our community and the world a better place.

How much do I give, financially?

  • First and foremost, give 100% of your life to God.

  • Pray this simple prayer, "Lord what would you have me do?"Decide the amount after thoughtful prayer and consideration.

  • Give in relationship to the abundance and blessings God has given you.

  • You may choose to follow the Biblical principle of tithing and give 10% of your income, but don’t feel constricted by any ranges, high or low.

  • You may choose to grow towards the Biblical principle by giving a percentage of your income (2%, 3%, or 4%), increasing it each year.

  • Consider increasing your last pledge by a percentage point (e.g. from 2% to 3%) or by a percentage (e.g., pledge 10% more than last year) each year. Planned giving as a proportion of income chart.

  • Honor God with everything you own; give God the first and the best. ~ Proverbs 3:9

Where does the money go?

  • The Vestry uses the value of the amount pledged to plan the following year’s budget.

  • 100% of your money goes to ministry. Running the ministry of Saint Matthew's takes a considerable sum. Our buildings are virtually always in use, not only for our benefit, but often in service of the greater good of the community through programs like scouting, a preschool, support groups, Mission Possible, Vacation Bible School, and so on.  Most of the time we make our space available at no charge – thus it is one of the chief ways we share God’s love. In addition, your money funds more traditional ministry work such as worship services, outreach, community, and teaching activities.  Finally, your money provides for our wonderful staff which is fully dedicated to the ministry work of Saint Matthew’s.     

  • We all know God is calling us to do more.  With your help, we hope to add to our ministry activity.


Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?

  • Please contact and we will direct you to the right person to answer your questions!

Stewardship FAQ
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