2021 Vestry Members

David Lathrop Senior Warden

David Lathrop

Senior Warden

Dave grew up in rural Central New York.  After graduating with an engineering degree from the Pennsylvania State University, he moved to Northern Virginia for his first, and current, job with the National Reconnaissance Office.  With two rambunctious young boys and a baby on the way, Dave and his wife, Heidi, walked tentatively into St. Matt’s 17 years ago.  The family loved the friendly, tight-knit community, inspiring sermons, and awesome music the church offered.  It wasn’t long before this wonderful church community showed them the joy of serving our surrounding community and connected them with people who are now some of their closest friends.  They had never seen another small church (one where everyone knew your name) that had the impact of a church 10 times its size.  Both Dave and Heidi have previously served on St. Matt’s vestry in the areas of Outreach and Community, respectively.  Service has always been a family affair for the Lathrops, so if you see Dave or Heidi at a church project, you often see one or more of their three boys helping out.  Work and family keep him exceptionally busy, but he believes that service is a privilege that should not be forgotten.  He is hoping more people will join him on his journey, “To Know and Share God’s Love.”