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Sara Warnick

Senior Warden

Sara discovered St. Matthew's as her church home upon moving to Virginia in 2017, and she notes that her drive to serve on the vestry comes from the desire to create the community in which she wants to live. She believes that responsibility lies with each of us, and she tries to embody this philosophy in everything she does. She and her husband, Justin, have three daughters whom they have carted around the world most of their lives. They’ve enjoyed living in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, which has led to her family’s taste for eclectic art and spicy food and a special appreciation for other cultures and all those less fortunate in our world. Currently, Sara works as a strategic communicator. Sara loves to cook, read, and travel. Born and raised in Washington State, she also loves drizzling rain, evergreen trees, and salmon.

Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright

Junior Warden

Andrew and his family (Diana, Carolyn, and Katie (Ian)) first attended St Matthews in June 2021, after worshiping at other churches in the area. Carolyn and then Katie coming into Diana and Andrew’s lives prompted a renewed focus on church, worship and involvement in church life. With the move to St. Matthews, Andrew and his family are enjoying a new and welcoming community.


Originally from Australia, Andrew works in IT and was fortunate to take up dancing many years ago where he met Diana. The rest, as they say is history. Dog owners for many years, Andrew and Diana have two recently adopted male dogs that provide much entertainment. In his off times Andrew like to relax with reading, watching TV, spending time with his family and fixing things. He is looking forward to taking the step to be more involved in the running of the church and learning more along the way.

Dan Robertson 20192.jpg

Dan Robertson


Dan became an Episcopalian in 1998 when he and Katie were married.  He has been a member of St. Matthew’s since 2003 when he and Katie moved to Northern Virginia from Texas via a two-year layover in St. Louis, Missouri. They now live in Leesburg and have twin daughters, Evie and Allie.  Dan has been on the Finance Committee for over ten years and has previously served twice on the Vestry.    

Caitlin Dronfield 2021.jpg

Caitlin Dronfield

A Northern Virginia native and lifelong believer, Caitlin decided in 2019 to seek out a new church home.  Her plan was to visit several different congregations, but she started with St. Matt’s and never made it to the others!  As a newly minted Episcopalian and member of the church, Caitlin first researched what a vestry actually was before accepting the invitation to serve.  She is inspired by and will endeavor to fulfill its purpose of “supporting the church’s mission by word and deed.” A geologist who graduated from the College of William and Mary, Caitlin is employed by a large engineering firm, where she particularly enjoys fieldwork focused on environmental remediation.  When work doesn’t provide enough time outdoors, Caitlin can be found hiking and birdwatching.  But when work outdoors involves lugging heavy equipment over miles of rugged terrain in all weathers, Caitlin prefers to relax by reading and watching hockey.  She looks forward to interacting and praying with the Young Professionals of St. Matt’s!

sharon pic.PNG

Sharon Muniz

Sharon grew up in Reston, VA and went to South Lakes High School. She has three adult children, Natalia, Claudia, and Nicolas. The girls live nearby in Fairfax and Arlington and Nick is currently in school at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She also has a 9-year-old Havanese named Chipper. Sharon lives in Sterling and primarily works from home. She established a software development company in 2009 that builds websites, mobile apps, and SharePoint services. During her time off she likes to run, read, watch TV and cook for family gatherings.


Sharon came to Saint Matthew’s a few years ago looking for a new church and quickly felt right at home. She is excited about helping St. Matthews serve our community and continue her spiritual growth.

Kristin Drummond 2021.jpg

Kristin Drummond

Kristin and her family (Matt, Sophie, and Charlie) decided to join the St. Matt’s family about three years ago after her dear friend, Haley Elliott, introduced her to St. Matt’s.  The Drummond family had moved to Virginia from New Jersey in late 2015, and they searched for years for a new church to call home.  Not long after attending the Children's Christmas Pageant with another St. Matt's family, the Drummond family officially joined St. Matt’s.  In 2020, she joined the Community Outreach team as a church liaison to Potowmack Elementary.  She found the work to be so impactful and important that she wanted to do more.  She is excited to serve on the Vestry as the Community Outreach Coordinator and is thankful to Adrian Mattina and Miriam Turner for bringing her into the fold.  She looks forward to working with the members of St. Matt’s to continue to make a real and positive impact on our community.

Bob Henry

Bob Henry

Bob is a product of 16 years of Catholic education. While attending a Jesuit college in D.C. (Georgetown), he eventually found and joined the Episcopal church. He has previously served on a Vestry as both Junior and Senior Warden, and became a member of St. Matthew’s in 2020. St. Matthew’s was for him and his family a place of healing where he found the kind of vibrant, giving, love-centered community needed.


Bob works in cybersecurity and spent almost 9 years in the “five-sided building” before moving to commercial security software ventures. He was born to fly, and is a certified flight instructor with over 2,000 hours in the cockpit since 2001. He also has been renovating homes since age 4 (with an acquired disdain for plumbing), and has an uncanny knack for being lucky.


Bob has a daughter, Meghan, who is married and finishing her law degree in Kansas, and a son, Robby, who graduated from college in 2022 and works in Reston. Bob lives in Herndon with his wife Genevieve Zetlan and her two children, Davis and Otto.

Robby Stevens

Robby Stevens

Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Robby moved to Northern Virginia in 2015 for work with Aramark Refreshments. He completed his undergraduate degree in Marketing from James Madison University. Robby joined the St. Matthews family five years ago through his now wife, Emily.


One of the things he enjoys most about St Matt’s is the welcoming and selfless atmosphere both within the church family and through the outreach into the local community. Some of the activities that Robby enjoys in his free time include biking, golfing, reading, and food. Robby is excited to join the vestry to continue to build his relationships with the St. Matthew’s family and see how his experiences and faith can have an impact on the church and community.

Curious about what a Vestry is, and what it does for our church? Check out our blog post HERE.

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