Get Involved

Our mission at St. Matthew’s is to Know and Share God’s Love, but what does that really mean?


We believe that God’s love inspires us to love and look out for everyone around us freely and without conditions. This means that we’re called to love those outside of our church, not just those who believe the same things as us. We’re tasked with loving people no matter where they’re at in life, or on the planet, for that matter. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, St. Matthew’s showed up in person to help any way we could. Here at home in Sterling, we’re honored to be known as a place in town that anyone can call for help. 


If you’re interested in supporting our mission, we’re always looking for people to help. From packing almost 300 backpacks for hungry kids each week to helping families in need over the holidays, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved here at St. Matthew’s.

Backpack Buddies

Through our Backpack Buddies program, we provide support to local school children who have been identified as needing additional food over the weekend.  Each child receives a backpack filled with six meals each weekend during the school year.


Mission Trips

Mission trips are an essential part of the St. Matthew’s experience; it is our hope that all of us, at some point, will go on a mission.  They are life changing experiences that many of us treasure as one of the highlights of our lives.


Community Lunch

Several times throughout the year, Saint Matt’s sponsors Community Lunches. What’s the goal of a Community Lunch? To build relationships with people in our Sterling community whom we might otherwise never get the opportunity to meet.


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