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To Know and Share God's Love

Here at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, we believe knowing and sharing God’s love requires meaningful action––an encouraging word, a meal served to someone in need, uplifting disenfranchised communities. Our mission is to help people of all walks of life experience God’s love in their lives. Our church is open to everyone, from atheists and people of non-Christian religious traditions to those who have had a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus for many years. We avidly believe that God calls us to serve the poor and marginalized members of our society no matter where they are and what they believe. We also believe that poverty can exist physically as well as spiritually. 


Anyone in search of meaning in the world and a better understanding of God’s purpose in their lives is welcome at St. Matthew’s. In fact, everyone––no matter their age, race, gender, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, addiction, criminal history, and political persuasion––is welcome here. We can’t wait to share our community with you. You are welcome here, and you are loved by God. 


The Reverend Rob Merola


For two decades, Rob has been serving the community of St. Matthew’s with an uninhibited desire to serve others in the ways that matter most. After growing up in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Rob attended college in New York where he majored in psychology. Rob married his wife Linda in 1986 and became a priest that same year. Rob and Linda have two daughters named Christine and Mary. With an approach to religious leadership and service that’s both genuine and almost experimental in nature, Rob is committed to meeting people wherever they’re at in life and creating spiritual experiences that are unconventional and powerful for everyone, not just regular church-goers. 

When Rob isn’t teaching at St. Matthew’s, he can be found carefully tending to his garden of tomatoes, peppers, and sunflowers, fly fishing, filling his bird feeders, or reading. “I haven’t found anything better to read than Calvin and Hobbes,” Rob says when asked about his favorite books.

Reverend Rob Merola
Genevieve Zetlan Lay Preacher

Genevieve Zetlan

Lay Preacher

Miriam Turner General Manager

Miriam Turner

General Manager

Kevin Fletcher

Kevin Fletcher

Music Minister - Choir

Kathleen Bellamy

Kathleen Bellamy

Director of Marketing and Communications


Ben Merola

Interim Youth Minister & Marketing Coordinator


Hilary Hultman-Lee

Faith Factory Director

Mason Turner II.png

Mason Turner

Audio & Livestream


Jean Bookkeeper.jpg

Jean Defuria


Sue Reier Office Assistant

Sue Reier

Office Assistant

Alex Yarborough.jpg

Alex Yarbrough

Faith Factory Teacher


Johanna Harvey

Nursery Staff


Michael Porter

Audio & Livestream


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