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Haiti Benefit service 2022


From the uplifting energy of our Sunday services to the joyful laughter of our children's ministry, there's an unmistakable sense of renewal and hope filling St. Matthew's every week.

Our mission is to help all people experience God’s love, regardless of background or belief. Everyone is welcome here––from all walks of life, beliefs, and experiences. We look forward to sharing our community with you. You are welcome, and you are loved by God.


To Know and Share God's Love.


To develop a deeper connection with God, each other, and those in need in our global community.

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At St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, we believe in embodying God's love through meaningful service to others, fostering a community where all are embraced regardless of background or belief. Our mission is to help every individual experience the transformative power of God's love in their lives. We understand that faith transcends the confines of traditional church walls. That's why we embrace the idea that God exists within culture and everyday life. We aim to offer practical ways to integrate faith into the fabric of daily life.

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Plan a visit today to discover more about our vibrant community and how you can get involved. Whether you're new to faith or seeking a spiritual home,  you'll find a welcoming community eager to journey with you in faith and fellowship.


Join us for worship at one of our distinct services tailored to meet diverse spiritual needs. We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us for worship every Sunday at 8 AM, 9:30 AM, and 11 AM. You'll find us nestled at 201 East Frederick Drive, Sterling, Virginia. It's here where we come together to seek God's presence, find solace in community, and celebrate the abundant blessings of life.

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Explore our website to engage further with us. Dive into our blog for thought-provoking discussions, test a sermon on YouTube (or on our podcast) to nourish your soul, or connect with fellow members through volunteer opportunities and small groups. Your presence is valued, and we eagerly anticipate journeying with you in faith and fellowship.



The Reverend Rob Merola

For two decades, Rob has been serving the community of St. Matthew’s with an uninhibited desire to serve others in the ways that matter most. After growing up in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Rob attended college in New York where he majored in psychology. Rob married his wife Linda in 1986 and became a priest that same year. Rob and Linda have two daughters named Christine and Mary. With an approach to religious leadership and service that’s both genuine and almost experimental in nature, Rob is committed to meeting people wherever they’re at in life and creating spiritual experiences that are unconventional and powerful for everyone, not just regular church-goers. 

When Rob isn’t teaching at St. Matthew’s, he can be found carefully tending to his garden of tomatoes, peppers, and sunflowers, fly fishing, filling his bird feeders, or reading. “I haven’t found anything better to read than Calvin and Hobbes,” Rob says when asked about his favorite books. Check out Rob's book recommendations HERE.

Reverend Rob Merola
Clergy and Staff

Genevieve Zetlan

Lay Preacher

Ben Headshot.jpg

Ben Merola

Youth Minister & Marketing Coord.

Mason Turner II.png

Mason Turner II

Audio & Livestream Coordinator

Jean Bookkeeper.jpg

Jean DeFuria



Kara Laughlin small file headshot 2021 (1).jpeg

Kara Laughlin



Hilary Hultman-Lee

Director of Faith Factory

Kaylyn Burakowski

Kaylyn Burakowski

Audio & Livestream Coordinator

Sue Reier.jpg

Sue Reier

Office Assistant


Miriam Turner

General Manager

Alex Yarborough.jpg

Alex Yarbrough

Faith Factory Teacher


Johanna Harvey

Nursery Staff


Kathleen Bellamy

Dir. Marketing & Communications

Kevin Fletcher

Kevin Fletcher

Choir Director

& Compline

Kait Faist.jpg

Kait Faist

Nursery Staff

Our History

Map of Loudoun County, VA  Thomas Reynolds & Robert Pearsall Smith, c1854

Map of Loudoun County, VA  Thomas Reynolds & Robert Pearsall Smith, c1854

Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church has a history spanning over 250 years, originating with Cameron Parish in 1749. The first log chapel, Broad Run Church, emerged in 1752, evolving into the more substantial Sugarland Run Church in 1773. The American Revolution led to the end of many Anglican churches in Virginia. The call for an Episcopal presence in Loudoun County resurfaced in 1970, with services held in various locations until settling at Sterling Middle School in 1973.

Our current building on East Frederick Drive was inaugurated on March 10, 1985, marking a joyous chapter for Saint Matthew’s. This new home has not only facilitated the growth of numerous ministries but has also become a nurturing space for members to explore their talents, engage in church life, and extend God’s love to the community and beyond.

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