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Teen Prayer Group


Prayer: List

We believe that prayer is a powerful source of comfort in challenging times. We’re here to pray with you in your time of need, no matter how big or small. You don’t need to be a church member or even religious for us to pray with you, and we’re honored to stand alongside anyone through prayer who needs it. 


If you need prayer, you have a few options:


  • For emergencies, please call Father Rob at (703) 430-2121.

  • If you’d like for someone to pray for you or someone in need, send your prayer requests to:

  • To pray with someone directly, please call the church at 703-430-2121. 

We can also add your name (first name only) to the church-wide prayer list, where you will be prayed for by the St. Matthew's community for 60 days. After that time, you can re-submit your name to continue to receive prayers.

NOTE: All requests will be kept confidential unless you specifically ask to be included in the church-wide prayer list.

Prayer Request

Received, God bless!

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