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We believe that prayer is a powerful source of comfort in challenging times. We’re here to pray with you in your time of need, no matter how big or small. You don’t need to be a church member or even religious in order for us to pray with you, and we’re honored to stand alongside anyone through prayer who needs it. 


If you are in need of prayer, you have a few options:


For emergencies, please call Father Rob at (703) 430-2121.


If you’d like for someone to pray for you or for someone in need, send your prayer requests to:


To pray with someone directly, please call the church at 703-430-2121. 


We can also add your name (first name only) to the church-wide prayer list, where you will be prayed for by the St. Matthew's community for 60 days. After that time, you can re-submit your name to continue to receive prayers.

NOTE: All requests will be kept confidential unless you specifically ask to be included in the church-wide prayer list.

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Received, God bless!

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