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Children's Program Coordinator 


We are very excited to launch our search for our next Children's Program Coordinator! If this position sounds like a good fit, then we’d love to hear from you! Send a resume and cover letter, or a 2-3 minute video, to our General Manager, Miriam Turner, at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 201 East Frederick Drive, Sterling, VA 20164 or via email at


If you have questions about the search please contact Rev. Mary Margaret Winn at Applications will be received until the position is filled.

Job Description



Saint Matthew’s is seeking a passionate, collaborative, and creative part-time Children’s Program Coordinator. Our next children’s coordinator will help children (preschool - fifth grade) know how deeply they are loved by God by developing a robust program that grows their faith.  We envision this happening through:

Sunday School (which we affectionately call Faith Factory): Build a volunteer team that creates memorable Christian education experiences of God’s love, support, and presence that kids do not want to miss!

Vacation Bible School: Implement a high-impact, week long Vacation Bible School Program that is geared to attracting the community and stands out as one of the best weeks of a child’s summer!

Christmas Pageant: Coordinate a vibrant Christmas Eve Pageant that captures the Christmas Spirit as only kids can do!

Other: Envision and develop other opportunities to lead our children into a deeper experience of the delight God takes in them and the delight they can take in being part of our church family and the larger community. This will include leading children’s outreach opportunities as well as activities at regular parish events such as Algonkian Park Picnic, Oktoberfest, St. Matthew’s Day, Easter Sunday Egg Hunts, and Christmas Sing-Along. It will also include creative, new events driven by the vision and enthusiasm of you and your team.  


This hourly position is part-time - approximately 10-19 hours per week, based on upcoming events. Starting pay is $20/hour. Sunday mornings are required, but other hours are flexible. Staff meetings are held on Tuesday mornings, and ideally your schedule would allow you to attend at least once per month.


  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Outgoing, fun, and creative!

  • A team builder who takes initiative and is willing to learn

  • Strong computer skills: Google Drive

Live Stream and Audio Technician


This role is responsible for the management and implementation of the audio mixing as well as other essential functions for St. Matthew’s live streaming services.



Job Responsibilities:

Major responsibilities; essential functions:

  •  Editing, mixing, and manipulating recorded and live sound. Testing and troubleshooting equipment regularly, and replacing any faulty components (microphone batteries prior to each service, cables, band set-up and sound testing)

  •  Setting up equipment before services safely and on time (including but not limited to)

    • Ensure the computer in the Sanctuary is on and the TV screens are on.

    • Ensure the computer in the Parish Hall is on and the Projector is on.

    • Ensure the stream is being displayed on the screen in the Parish Hall.

    • Check the speakers/sound in the Parish Hall.

    • Check the sound from the computer in the Sanctuary when there are videos as part of the service (select occasions like sermon content [would be needed at the 8 as well], 11 choir).

  •  Manage chats for Facebook and YouTube, communicating prayer requests to lectors during live stream.

  • Responsible for controlling the cameras and additional video effects during the live stream

  •  Assisting in the design of audio systems and advising on equipment purchases.

  •  Assisting with creation and editing of slides for live stream captions

  •  Attending Tuesday evening band rehearsals (7 - 8 pm) as needed for audio mixing support for band musicians and testing levels for Sunday services.

  •  Available Sundays 7:30 am - 12:00 pm for all services in addition to occasional events and meetings that may fall outside of those times.

  •  Participate in recruitment and training of volunteers to assist with the technology team.

  • Responsible for minor administrative duties for the band, such as submitting the set list and confirming that the band has a functional line-up on a weekly basis.

  •  Other duties as assigned.



To apply please submit a resume and cover letter or a resume and two-three minute video describing why you’d be a great fit to Miriam Turner at