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Holy Saturday - In stillness we await the resurrection

As we journey through Holy Week, we come to a day that may not be as widely recognized as Good Friday or Easter Sunday, yet holds profound significance in the Christian faith: Holy Saturday.

Holy Saturday, the day after Good Friday, falls between the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It's a day of quiet reflection and anticipation, as we remember the time when Jesus lay in the tomb after his crucifixion.

According to the Episcopal Dictionary, Holy Saturday recalls the moment when the crucified Christ visited among the dead while his body lay in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. It's a day when we pause to contemplate the mystery of Christ's descent into the realm of the dead and await his glorious resurrection.

Holy Saturday holds a unique place in the liturgical calendar and is a time for prayer, meditation, and preparation for the joyous celebration of Easter. This day is significant because it marks the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jesus' death and resurrection. As Christians, we believe that Jesus' time in the tomb was not the end but the beginning of a new chapter in God's plan for salvation. In the stillness of Holy Saturday, we wait with hopeful anticipation for the dawn of Easter morning.

Holy Saturday reminds us of the importance of patience and trust in God's timing. It's a reminder that even in the midst of darkness and uncertainty, there is hope for new life and transformation.

As we observe Holy Saturday, let us take time to reflect on the journey of Lent, the sacrifice of Good Friday, and the promise of Easter. May this day be a time of spiritual renewal and preparation for the joyous celebration to come. Join us for Holy Saturday service at 10 AM and any of our Easter Services at 6:30, 9:30, and 11 AM.

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