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"The word love is one of the sloppiest words in our language"

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

"The word “love” is one of the sloppiest words in our language, as it primarily refers to a feeling that happens to a person. In the New Testament, “love” or "Agape" refers to a way of treating people that was defined by Jesus himself: seeking the well-being of others regardless of their response."-The Bible Project

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, why not devote a few minutes to this 'sloppy word' love and a few of its definitions? Here are some short videos from The Bible Project.


Biblical love refers to more than just a feeling. It's about caring for someone regardless of their response, and it's modeled perfectly by Jesus.

This Valentine's Day try showing some Agape love to your neighbor? Perhaps set up your Be The Change Bin or check in on a friend you know may be lonely?


Khesed is a difficult word to translate. It describes a relational and active love that God has for all people.

Say a prayer on Valentine's Day thanking God for Khesed love and all that has been done for us and for all of creation, and that we are blessed by the overflowing love of God?


"Ahavah" means "love" in Hebrew, and at its most basic level, it means to have affection toward someone. But biblically speaking, love is more than sentiment—it is also action.

How can you show Ahavah love (affection) for those around you making love an action this Valentine's Day?

We are all in need of love, and need to be reminded we are loved and needed. We at St. Matthew's LOVE YOU and are grateful for you!

Join us this Sunday to share some love (and donuts!). We would really LOVE you to make love an action with us and worship together in-person!

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