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VBS brings me joy each summer!

In 2017, Ashly Townsend asked me to help with the Maker Fun Factory VBS and I distinctly remember being both honored to be asked, and extremely nervous. My mind raced with "oh my gosh I hope I don’t mess up" and "I teach but I don’t teach younger kids, I teach high school! I don't work with these littles!"

That first year, I had no idea that it was going to be so much fun and certainly no clue that I would love it and the kids so much!

This will be my 5th year leading Bible Adventures for VBS, and each year I get more carried away... in the BEST way. Making sets, finding costumes, and rewriting scripts to help really get the kids immersed in the bible story each day. Seeing the kids get excited to be part of the story and watch how they get creative and how they imagine it. They ask questions of what life was like back then: What did the languages sound like? What clothes did they wear? It inspires me every summer. Plus, there’s always a teaching opportunity for everyone in the room (adults and kids) showing them that Jesus loves them in their silliness, creativity and mistakes we might make when acting out a scene!

When people ask me why am I volunteering for VBS again... I say, I would never NOT do VBS! The enthusiasm is contagious, the diversity of kids from the community that attend (many are not from St. Matthew's) fills me with joy. In fact, it's been in volunteering for VBS, that I've found God calling me to work with younger kids - I've realized how much joy I get from being with them and it has become so refreshing to me.

If you're on the fence about volunteering (or attending VBS) I would encourage you to try it out. I guarantee you have NO idea how much fun you’re going to have. Being with the kids, helping them to have a good time and doing our best to show God’s love to them is amazing. It gives you an opportunity to be a kid again, and lean into your inner silliness in the best way. You will leave each night with a smile on your face and definitely more joy in your heart.

See you at VBS on Monday!

Holly Marvin, Roar VBS 2019
Holly Marvin, Roar VBS 2019

Join us for VBS this week! Sign up to volunteer or as a camper HERE

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