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Experience the joy of meaningful friendships, personal growth, and vibrant faith in our inclusive fellowship. No registration required – ignite your spiritual journey today.

Men's Group Weekly Meetings

Saturdays at 8 AM*

Welcome to St. Matthew's Men's Group, a dynamic community in Sterling, Virginia, fostering deep connections and spiritual growth. Join our inclusive fellowship of men from diverse backgrounds, ages, and faith experiences, including newcomers and seasoned believers.

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Our weekly gatherings blend prayer, Bible study, and service projects, providing an uplifting environment for mutual encouragement and friendship.

No registration is required – simply show up and experience the camaraderie. Whether you're seeking to combat loneliness, make meaningful friendships, or deepen your understanding of Scripture, our group offers a welcoming space for personal and spiritual growth.

Our meetings, both in-person and online via Zoom (upon request), occur on Saturdays at 8 am*, providing convenient options for participation. Contact us at the link below if you would like to join us on Zoom.


Dive into straight talk and biblical truth rooted in Jesus Christ, exploring God's Word together and supporting each other in living purposefully.

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mens community service volunteer fellowship friends

Join us for sessions that ignite your spiritual journey and strengthen your faith amid the challenges of family and work life, and community service opportunities that make a difference.


 Discover the joy of genuine fellowship and the transformative power of community with St. Matthew's Men's Group.

*The group meets in the trailer behind St. Matthew's and on Zoom (upon request). 1st Saturday of the month, the Men's Group meets at David Stoneburner's residence, contact for address/directions.

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