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Decisions are "Made"- Lent Resource

Originally posted on February 7, 2013 by Rev. Rob Merola on DaddyRoBlog.

wooden path in the woods that forks both left and right

What’s the fundamental building block of a life?


Decision directs life. It declares what will be developed. It delivers our heart into the hands of our commitments, which is what makes for a commitment in the first place.

Decisions can build upon each other or work against each other. People don’t get very far when each decision represents a new start, a different direction, a re-do.

Decisions can postponed, put off, avoided. But that, as they say, is a decision, and it will not be without its own impact.

And Lent? You knew I was going to work that in there somewhere, didn’t you? Lent is making the decision to pay attention to our decisions. Decisions are “made”. The quality of our decision is perhaps our life’s greatest work.

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