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5 Ways to Make Spring Break Meaningful While Observing Holy Week

5 ways to make spring break meaningful while observing holy week

As we approach the delightful season of spring break and the sacred journey of Holy Week, let's explore how we can blend the excitement of a break with the reverence of our faith. Here are five suggestions to make spring break great while still honoring Holy Week:

  1. Attend Palm Sunday and Experience the Passion: Kick off your spring break by joining us for Palm Sunday on March 24th. This year (2024) the Youth of St. Matthew's will be presenting a dramatic reading of the Passion and it should not be missed! Their rendition adds a fresh perspective to Christ's sacrifice.

  2. Engage with Holy Week Services: Holy Week offers a variety of services that may be new to some of us. We encourage you to try one you may not have attended before. Consider attending Maundy Thursday (at 7 PM*), Good Friday (at 12 and 7PM*) or Holy Saturday (at 10 AM) services. These experiences provide a profound understanding of Christ's journey to the cross and His victory over death. VIEW HOLY WEEK SERVICE DETAILS *7PM services will be available on livestream.

  3. Utilize Lent Devotionals and Resources: Take advantage of the Lent devotionals and resources available on our church website. Spend time in reflection, prayer, and study to prepare your heart for the Easter celebration. These resources can enrich your spiritual journey during spring break and are all available online to make it easy if you are traveling. VIEW RESOURCES HERE

  4. Give Back to the Community: Spring break is an excellent time to serve others. Join us for our parish work day on Saturday, March 23rd from 9 AM - 12 PM, or volunteer to assist with Easter services. Your contributions make a tangible impact on our church family and the wider community. EASTER SERVICE HELP SIGN UP

  5. Stay Connected While Traveling: If you're traveling during spring break, you can still stay connected to our faith community. Tune in to the St. Matthew's podcast, explore devotionals like Lectio 365 or attend our Maundy Thursday 7 PM and/or Good Friday 7 PM services via livestream.

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Bonus Tip: Extend Invitations to Easter Services! Share the joy of Easter with friends and family by inviting them to join us for Easter services. A simple invitation can have a profound impact on someone's life. Let's spread the hope and joy of the resurrection far and wide. INVITE A FRIEND

As we embark on spring break and journey through Holy Week, let's deepen our faith, strengthen our community bonds, and rejoice in the transformative power of Christ's love.

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