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“Are we going to feed the children of St. Mathieu’s again?”

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

One of the things that continues to amaze me about St. Matt’s is how clearly God is acting here, and how eager St. Matt’s people are to respond to that call. For a year, people have been asking me, "Are we going to feed the children of St. Mathieu's again?"

So I talked to the band. They are some busy people! We couldn’t find a date in September. We couldn’t find a date in October. We talked about November, and then suddenly, two weeks ago, I got an email – “Hey, we’re putting together a little Aloha Sunday ‘farewell to summer/hello to school’ gathering. What if we did it then?”

OK. I’ll be honest: slight panic. Two weeks is not a lot of time. But, as generally happens when God is involved, everything started clicking into place.

All over the United States and here in Loudoun County children are returning to school, both excited and nervous about the new year ahead. And at St. Mathieu’s school in Haiti our children are also returning to school, taking their places in concrete classrooms with no windows or doors, no water or electricity, excited to learn and nervous about their own and their country’s fate.

Kidnappings of children and violence continue to worsen in the cities. Relief organizations can no longer safely transport food across the country. But St. Mathieu’s is lucky—our school has local access to food. All they need are the funds to buy it.

It costs just $50 to feed every single child at St. Mathieu’s for one day. Last year, we raised enough money to feed the entire school for the entire school year—because here at St. Matt’s, feeding kids is how we know and share God’s love. Here at St. Matt’s, it is clear when God is calling us to do something. And here at St. Matt’s, we answer that call with generosity that multiplies—that’s the abundance of God.

Please think about how many days you can sponsor. As our St. Mathieu’s children return to school, you can give them not only enough food to learn and grow, but you can give them the knowledge they are not alone in their struggles. You can give them hope. There are 250 children whose lives will be immeasurably changed as a result, and yours might be, too.


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