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Love Conquers All - A Father's Day Reflection

The sky is so dark during a thunderstorm, then as the clouds start to break up, bright rays of light start poking through the clouds illuminating the ground below. Those rays were always there. They were just hidden by the clouds. Seems to me that is like a father’s love. It is always there. Good times or bad times, it doesn’t matter. That love is not negotiable, and it is not transactional. We can’t buy it and we can’t lose it by making mistakes. It’s just there from the moment we are born.

It kind of makes you think about GOD’s love for us, doesn’t it? His love is unconditional and everlasting. From the time we were created we have been the recipients of that love. He delights in seeing us become the kind of people he would like us to be. He is disappointed when we fail to treat others with the respect they deserve and when we behave as though our needs are more important than those of others. He lovingly corrects us but never cuts us off from his presence. Just think of all the times mankind has totally messed things up. You’d think he would just decide to cut his losses with this stubborn animal that never seems to get it right. But he doesn’t.

As we celebrate the fathers in our lives this year, let us not forget the example GOD has set as the father of us all. There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude he deserves so let’s show our appreciation by following his example and living our lives for others and not for ourselves. Remember we are all imperfect. Yes, we make mistakes and yes, sometimes we are disappointed by the mistakes of others. The important thing is to remember Love conquers all.

Happy Fathers Day

Darrell Breed


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