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Spreading Love through Food: Anna Sudha Community Kitchen

St Matthews Youth Serving at Anna Sudha Community Kitchen

At St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, we are always looking for ways to support and engage with our community. One such opportunity has been our partnership with Anna Sudha Community Kitchen, a remarkable organization dedicated to providing healthy and economical food to all.

About Anna Sudha Community Kitchen

Founded in 2021 by Nupur Panjabi, Anna Sudha Community Kitchen embodies the Sanskrit phrase “spreading the nectar of love through food.” With a mission to unite people and promote love through their service, Anna Sudha has made a significant impact in the DMV area by adhering to their three founding principles: Cooking, Community, and Charity.

Nupur, an IT staffing company founder, sold her business in 2019 to fully commit to this divine calling. Her initiative has blossomed into a community-wide effort, contributing to an impact of $350,000 and over 80,000 meals donated in 2023 alone.*

Youth Prepping food at Anna Sudha Kitchen

Anna Sudha offers a variety of programs, including:

  • Local Farmers Markets in the Winter

  • Senior Citizen meal deliveries

  • Mobile Food Delivery Program (coming soon)

  • Open Food Pantry for local residents in need

  • Local Food Shelter Feeding Program

  • Kids Cooking Camps summer fundraisers

Located in Sterling, VA, in Dulles Town Center Mall, this 501c3 nonprofit organization serves freshly prepared, high-quality vegetarian meals at affordable prices, showcasing regional and traditional Indian cuisines.

Youth Prepping Food Anna Sudha

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of Anna Sudha Community Kitchen, and there are many ways to get involved. From food preparation and packaging to meal delivery and assisting in the store, volunteers can find a role that fits their schedule and interests.

Youth volunteers are welcome, making it a perfect family activity or a way for students to earn service hours. Volunteers must be 14 or older, and groups must have an adult chaperone.

Youth cleaning kitchen Anna Sudha Kitchen

St. Matthew’s Youth Participation

Our youth group at St. Matthew’s has had the privilege of volunteering at Anna Sudha Community Kitchen several times over the past year.

This experience has not only been fulfilling for our young members but also allowed them to contribute meaningfully to the community. They have engaged in activities such as meal preparation, packaging, and kitchen cleanup, gaining valuable insights into the importance of community service and the joy of spreading love through food.

Learn More about Anna Sudha Kitchen

We invite everyone to join us in supporting this incredible organization. By doing so, we not only help provide meals to those in need but also strengthen our bonds as a community, living out the Anna Sudha Community Kitchen principle of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – The world is our family. Learn more

Join Us on Sunday, July 7th

To celebrate our partnership, Anna Sudha Community Kitchen is providing delicious Samosas and Mango Lassi for our community to enjoy during Coffee Hour on Sunday, July 7th, between the 9:30 and 11 AM services. This is a wonderful opportunity to taste the love and care that goes into every meal prepared by Anna Sudha and learn more about their programs.

Samosas and Mango Lassi provided by Anna Sudha Kitchen July 7

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