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Trip Return - Father Rob is back!

Dearly Beloved,

When Linda and I took to life on the road, we left a lot of things behind: the comforts of our own bed, a daily routine and the familiarity it brings, our laptops. We chose to leave behind all of our streaming services, social media, news sources, podcasts—and, except for the Bible, even our books. If the road takes you far enough that it becomes a trail, and sometimes even the trail ends and becomes a vast wilderness before you (ours did), you leave behind the refrigerator and easy access to food. The only food you have is the food carried on your back. In these places you will also leave behind noise, realizing both how noisy our world has become and how badly so much of that noise damages our soul.

But one of the things we did not leave behind are the people we love. We carried the people we love in our hearts, and these people include you. We thought about you most every day, thanked God for you, and remembered you in our prayers. Quite frankly, we missed you and even in the midst of all the beauty and grandeur surrounding us, longed to see you again.

And this Sunday, WE WILL!!! Carrying people in our hearts is all well and good, but seeing people face to face, well… let’s just say I can’t wait. I do hope you will be there, and make our joy complete.

And if you haven’t been to church for a while... I haven’t either (at least, not in person). So I’m thinking it’s a great Sunday to come back to church. I so look forward to seeing you there.

With much love and affection,


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