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Your leadership matters!

Did you know that you are a leader?

Everyone can lead no matter their position or season of life. Your leadership matters. Once a year, hundreds of thousands of leaders gather in locations all over the world to learn, explore and grow their leadership abilities at The Global Leadership Summit.

I have been attending this two-day conference with members of the St. Matt’s family for over 10 years. I cannot tell you how much I have learned and grown from these events. When I try to think about it, I know it is a lot. Equally important is the growth and fellowship of traveling this journey with friends and family from St. Matt’s. It is always a wonderful time of curiosity, laughter, learning, and shared growth.

This conference has introduced me to a wide variety of resources, knowledge areas, and points of view that challenge me all year long as I try to incorporate the lessons into my life, personally and professionally. I know this event is a great source of positive change in my life.

It would be wonderful if you could join us this year on Aug 5-6 at St. Matthew's for this livestreamed event. But if not, I challenge you to come be a part of this fabulous event in Aug 2022.

Interested in joining us? We have a ticket just for you! Contact we would love to learn with you!

-Dan Robertson

WHAT TO EXPECT AT GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Join your peers for the premier leadership event of the year!

On Thursday-Friday, August 5-6, 2021, join hundreds of thousands of curious, growth- minded, change-driven men and women like you for the premier leadership event of 2021 The Global Leadership Summit.

Whether you attend online or in-person at one of our 500+ local host sites, you will experience two days of rich, high-impact, inspiring sessions, and learn from a diverse faculty who will share their wisdom and practical perspective to support you in your leadership growth.


  • Be reminded that your leadership matters and you have influence.

  • Hear practical insight on how to strengthen your leadership skills and use your influence for the good, empowering the best in those around you.

  • Be called out in the best way with fresh motivation and insight.

  • Be stretched in areas you want to improve in order to thrive personally and professionally.

  • Rediscover your sense of purpose.

  • Leave with a challenge to go out and make courageous, valuable decisions that ultimately create the positive change you long to see become a reality.

  • Experience leadership growth and thrive.

  • Some organizations may allow continuing education credits for attendance.

  • People who have attended past events report 68% improved productivity, 81% improved job satisfaction and 74% improved work quality.

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