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A “brave place” for spiritual connection and growth

Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit nudge you? Sometimes I feel it, and sometimes I “accidentally” fall into it. Only later do I look back and realize the Hand of Providence was preparing me for something far better than I had anticipated.

Such was the case with my stumbling into Education for Ministry (EFM) in 2016. I was looking into a St. Matthew’s activity for my son to attend and mistakenly thought this new EFM class would coincide with his event. Maybe it would give me something to do while waiting for him. My son’s activity never materialized, but I fell into something that nourished a deep longing within my soul and spirit.

EFM is no light commitment. We meet weekly about 9 months out of the year. At times there can be a lot of reading. However, EFM provides the opportunity to examine your heart and look for the presence of God in all areas of your life.

EFM is full participation. It is not sitting and listening to the leader and the most talkative people in the room. EFM is a “brave place” for spiritual connection and growth. There is tremendous grace and kindness from the women and men who are your classmates. You will learn to practice Holy Listening, which for me was an answer to the constant cultural noise trying to invade my heart.

I graduated from the four-year EFM curriculum just over a year back, but the relationships with my classmates continue to grow and nourish me. These unexpected new friends, many of whom I would not have met during after-service coffee hour, have become trusted and essential spiritual companions.

Maybe you are longing for a deeper understanding of your faith. Maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging you toward something new. If this is you, I encourage you to take a look into the EFM during the Open House on August 17th at 7 pm. Ask us about our EFM journey. We can give the low-down on weekly gatherings filled with honesty, room for different points of view, laughter, and a casual invitation to go further up and further in. EFM classes begin on September 14.

Phil Metcalfe
Phillip Metcalfe

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