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Blessing of the Pets

As an owner of four pets and spouse of a veterinarian, I interact with animals quite frequently both directly and indirectly.

Animals are wonderful instructors in unconditional love. Often, they show us love and affection despite all of our faults and forgetfulness. One of my hounds wakes me up most mornings because she worries that I’ve forgotten to feed her!

I also find that they test my patience. When my dog poops on the floor, she doesn’t really understand what she’s done, but she understands fear and punishment well enough. I always regret getting angry at my pets because I can’t take it back. I can’t tell them sorry. They challenge me to love consistently since I can’t apologize and set it right after I get upset. It’s quite humbling to get angry at a pet (who did not intentionally wrong you), then want to apologize, and realize that you are unable to and it’s unnecessary because your pet has already forgiven you.

The love of pets is precious, and I love mine dearly even though they can be incorrigible, loud, and demanding. I imagine God often finds me to be much the same.

I invite you to join us this Saturday, October 2nd at 5 PM for our Annual Pet Blessing. All well-behaved pets (and their owners) are invited for a short service and blessing, we encourage you to bring a lawn chair or blanket and meet us on the front lawn.

See you there!

-Ben Christenson, Fall Intern

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