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Even Jesus asked for help

Episcopalians sometimes get pegged as folks who don't know their Bible--and that is just plain hooey!

Everything we do is biblical, from our worship (I wrote a paper on three liturgies in the prayer book and the number of biblical references is astronomical) to our formation, from Backpack Buddies to the Pancake Supper.

Just because you can't quote a specific passage of scripture doesn't mean you aren't deeply shaped by it! And one of the things that comes up in scripture is asking for help. Moses needed help leading the Israelites, so his brother Aaron spoke to Pharaoh. Jesus asked for God's help in the garden of Gethsemane before his death. Asking for help honors our need for God and our need for each other, the body of Christ.

So in the spirit of the Bible, I'd like to humbly say: we need help.

The people of this community--whether in Northern VA or around the world--have and continue to help in a myriad of ways, especially as it relates to outreach. We want to express our gratitude for you. And as we begin to truly emerge from this pandemic, blossoming again like a flower in spring, there are many other opportunities to reinvigorate your involvement in ministry. We need your help as we continue to seek and serve Christ in all people, knowing and sharing God's love with the world.

One great way to become more involved is to take the first step and sign up to help on Easter Sunday, or for our upcoming Parish Work Day. There are things that we need to have done that take 5 minutes, things that you can do from home, things that will connect you with many other fantastic people here in our community - take a look HERE and pick just one as your first step.

And as the blossoming continues, there are many ministries where your help will move mountains. Some ministries include volunteering with the Youth Group, serving as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, and becoming part of our Pastoral Care Team. You can find information about all of these on our website on our GET INVOLVED page.

We are also aware that we never want to ask something FROM you without asking God or offering something FOR you. We here at St. Matthew's truly believe that giving and receiving help are life-affirming and soul-boosting--we would not ask if we didn't think you would be fed in return.

Thank you for offering your gifts and talents to St. Matthew's and the Sterling community--we could not answer God's call to serve without you.

I look forward to serving WITH you this Easter!

God Bless,

Rev. Mary Margaret Winn

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