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It's about being seen, and loved

Dear Friends,

While St. Matthew's is known for being a church that says “yes” to people in need, the simple truth is this: that is not always our response. There simply is not enough money to help all the people who ask for help or to always help them as extensively as we wish we could. Sometimes, we have to say no.

So… who do we help?

I thought about this the other day when I helped a woman with her rent. She was a nicely dressed lady, and she drove a relatively new car. Without going into details, let’s just say recent health problems kept her from being able to do the work she normally does and so she fell behind in her finances. We helped her catch up, and she was both polite and thankful.

Should we have helped her? Since she didn’t seem as poor as a lot of the people we help, should we have saved that money for someone in greater need?

But then I remember that although such assistance requires money, it’s never just about money. It’s about being seen… and being loved. And I believe this woman needs these things as much as anyone else.

What I really dream about is the day when there is plenty for everybody, when such human need is only a memory of some long distant past. Until that day, I remain deeply grateful for how much you give, and how freely that allows us to love our neighbors. But I also remain keenly aware that there are people right now who need help, but we don’t have the resources to reach them. As the year ends, will you please send a gift today to help them?


With much love and affection,

Fr. Rob+

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