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Life is better when you're generous

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Finding an article from a 2017 Time Magazine titled Being Generous Really Does Make You Happier, seemed almost too easy when considering what to include with this week's Friday Flash. As we enter into our November theme of Generosity, this particular quote from the article..."research suggests that making generosity a regular habit may influence long-term wellbeing and happiness" made me stop and think 'how do I implement making generosity a regular habit?'

Throughout the month of October our Outreach Committee held a Coat Drive asking for donations from the community to help keep elementary school children warm this winter. While walking into the office on a very chilly morning, I noted that little pop-up school bus we had in the Narthex designated for coat collections was empty, I dropped in my donations and went to start my day. Then the staff and I witnessed a caravan of car after car during the day that filled that bus to overflowing with coats by only 2 o'clock in the afternoon! In fact, the caravans of coats continued throughout the week. The joy that it brought to me personally just watching the generosity of others filling that bus, made my week.

I set a goal for myself that day to make a list of all the ways I could be more generous in my life. Things like: evaluating how my family gives to St. Matthews, checking in on friends I know who might be lonely more often, dropping off a coffee as a surprise to a mom friend who is really struggling. Just thinking of these things, brought me joy.

Ask yourself this week, how can I develop a habit of generosity? Perhaps take a look at Rev. Mary Margaret's notes from our November Newsletter and prayerfully consider how you'd like to lean into your generous nature more this November?


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