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“We will!”

On Sunday morning, St. Matthew’s has the awesome opportunity to grow in our commitment to Christ. At the 11 AM service, Bishop Ted will confirm and receive 10 of our beloved friends in The Episcopal Church--and so will we. At the very beginning of the rite, the bishop will ask us all an important question: “Will you who witness these vows do all in your power to support these persons in their life in Christ?” Our answer is a resounding and enthusiastic, “We will!” See that exclamation mark? That’s the St. Matthew’s spirit right there; the part of this place that makes us excited to walk this journey together.

We hope you will join us, not only to celebrate with our community, but also to recommit yourself to God. The final step in our September Reset is no accident--recommitment is exactly what all of us are called to do. We are called to recommit ourselves to living like Jesus, to loving our neighbor, to giving sacrificially, and to respecting the dignity of every human being. As we witness and affirm the commitment of the confirmed and received, we too are invited into a new way of living.

So join us as we complete our September RESET Sermon Series to RECOMMIT and REJOICE in the vibrant faith of our St. Matthew’s community!!

Please join us following the 11 am service for a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration. Bring a chair or blanket to sit outdoors and enjoy burgers and hot dogs provided by the Men's Group along with prepackaged chips and cookies.

-Rev. Mary Margaret Winn

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